Soma endow you an instant relief from muscular pain

02/12/2014 13:54

Muscle pain or you can also say that Myalgia, or simple pain in muscles. It is the most common problem these days. More or less everyone discomfort in their muscle at some point of life. This muscle pain can be felt in any part of the body because almost every body part has muscle tissue. It may be possible on a small body part or in an entire body muscle. It may be due to injury, intense exercise or physical labour. Excessive use of muscle also causes muscle pain.

 What are the causes of muscle pain?

Usually a person suffering from muscle pain knows about the cause of the pain too. Mostly the pain results from extreme stress, tension or physical workout. The most common causes of muscular pain are

  • Muscle tension in the parts of the body.
  • Extreme use of muscle at the time of physical workout.
  • Muscle injury like a muscle sprain or muscle strain while doing physical exercise.

What are the medical conditions that cause Muscle pain?

Some of the disease or treatment of some disease may also cause muscle pain. These medical conditions are

  • Some of the drugs like ACE inhibitors that help to lower down the blood pressure, cocaine and statins to lower down the Cholesterol.
  • Dermatomyositis is a muscle illnessthat causes inflammation and a skin rash.
  • Imbalance in electrolyte like potassium or calcium.
  • Fibromyalgia that affects muscles and soft tissues.
  • Some of the infections including flu, Lyme disease, muscle abscess, malaria, polio, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and roundworm.
  • Lumps
  • Polymyalgia Rheumatica
  • Polymyositis
  • Rhabdomyolysis

What are the symptoms of Muscle pain?

Sometimes muscle pain occurs temporarily for some time and cure with the some rest but if it persists for longer time and repeatedly that need treatment. Symptoms of muscle pain that require treatment are

  • Muscle pain in local body part, or pain in the whole body muscle, it may be dull or sharp pain.
  • Constant pain that may be mild or severe.
  • Pain with fever, chills or due to some infection.
  • Pain that persists in both muscles and joints.
  • Pain due to over tired or fatigue that makes you difficult to do normal daily activities.
  • Pain that makes you depressed.

What are the preventions for muscle pain?

Some of the preventions that can help you to get rid of pain are

  • Do some warm up before physical workout and cool down later.
  • Do some stretching exercise before or after physical workout.
  • Drink lots of fluid like water or juice before, during or after exercise.
  • Stretch at least in every hour if you work for a longer time a same place or in a same position.

What is the Treatment of muscle pain?

Home remedies –

  • Apply ice for at least 24-72 hours after an injury to reduce body ache and inflammation.
  • Stretch exercise and message after long muscle use.
  • Regular exercise to renovate muscle tone like walking, cycling, swimming.
  • Have proper rest and try to reduce stress.

Oral medication –

Some of the drugs are available for the treatment of muscle pain. These drugs are soma – 350mg, Soma -500mg, Pain- 0 -Soma 350mg, Pain- O- Soma 500mg, Pro Soma 350mg, and Pro Soma 500mg. It is the safest and effective drug for muscle ache. It helps to relive the pain due to muscle contraction. It contains Carisoprodol that shows its effect by blocking pain sensation or impulses that are transmitted to the brain. It relaxes muscles by inhibiting transitions of neurons. It is analgesic and antipyretic. Hence Soma is the most effective treatment for muscle contraction.

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