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Today’s time most of the relationship problem is occurring due to the erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is the inability in the males to attain and erection hard enough for the pleasure of physical intercourse. 10% of the male population are suffering from this problem. 30milloion Americans are facing the problem of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is may be due to increased age, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, depression or sometime due to side effects of other drugs. Some of the other reasons for erectile dysfunction are physical and psychological disorders. These include psychogenic problem, surgery, pumps, low testosterone, and prostate cancer treatment.

Erectile dysfunction can treated in different ways like losing weight, less alcohol consumption, by avoiding smoking. The major treatments are

  • Psychological counseling
  • Oral medications
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Surgery

Psychological counseling - Stress, relationship difficulty, problems at work, financial crises, and everyday stress may lead to erectile dysfunction. Patients having the problem of erectile dysfunction due to anxiety or stress can sure their problem with psychological counseling.

Oral medications- There are lots of drugs have been prepared for the erectile dysfunction.  These drugs are Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor (PDE-5).  Some of the oral medicines are Filagra, Filagra 100mg.

Vacuum pumps- Vacuum pumps help torecover firmness by improving blood flow to the male reproductive system. A vacuum device can be unwieldy and restrictthe man's ability for physical impulsiveness. The elastic ring sometimes may lead to irritation of the skin, staining, loss of sensation, or pain.

Surgery-This is the last option of treatment if all other methods fail to treat erectile dysfunction.Surgery is done only in severe cases. Surgery included placement of implants in the penis, vascular reconstruction surgery to enhance flow of blood near pelvic region. Implants may cause various types of infection like urinary tract infection.

Hence the best and safest mode of treatment of erectile dysfunction is oral medication i.e. Filagra.

What is Filagra?

The instant and the most effective way of treatment of erectile dysfunction is Filagra. It has most rapid mode of action. It becomes effective in just 15-20 minutes. Sildenafil citrate is the main active ingredient of Filagra. It is a PDE-5 inhibitor drug that facilitates patients of erectile dysfunction to get hardness in the penis enough for physical intercourse. Sildenafil citrate present in Filagra shows its effect by improving the nitric oxide synthesis in the penis. This released nitric oxide helps to stimulate the widening of blood vessels in the male reproductive organ that facilitates the improved blood flow to the penis and pelvic region. This improved blood flow causes an erection.

Dosage of Filitra

The recommended dosage of Filitra is 25 to 100 mg varies from person to person. You only have to take one tablet in 24hours. You can have this medicine with a glass of water. Directly swallow the medicine without chew or crush. You can have it with or without food but do not take it with a food containing a high calorific value.

Important points to be remember

Before using the Filitra medicine for erectile dysfunction some points to be kept in mind. These are as follows

  • Do not have this medicine if you are having other drugs containing nitrates like amyl nitrite, glycerol trinitrate, and sodium nitroprusside.
  • Do not take this medicine without prescription if you have a problem of renal disorder, stroke, heart disorder, hypertension, blood disorder, deformity in the penis.
  • Do not recommend it to the patients hypersensitive to sildenafil citrate.
  •  Do not recommend it to the women and children.
  • Some drugs that interact with the performance of Filagra are antifungal drugs, antibiotics, anti-consultants.
  • This drug is safe to use but in a few cases it may cause some side effects like blurred vision, irregular breathing, chest ache, nausea, headache, rashes, and stomach disturbance.
  • If an erection persists for more than 4 hours and is painful immediately consult your health provider.
  • If you feel uncomfortable after having this medicine seeks immediate medical help.
  • Do not take this medicine along with grapefruit or grapefruit juice.
  • For best result avoid alcohol consumption before or after having this medicine because alcohol causes lower performance.
  • Avoid driving and operating heavy machinery after having this medicine because it may cause dizziness.

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